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3.5 sao trên tổng 110 đánh giá
26 Oct 2019 tại 5:42 Me: You are 50 mins late BB: Sorry we're busy <click>
26 Sep 2019 tại 21:51 Very disappointed to receive my order of BBQ Pork Ribs. There was only 1 rib, a handful of dry chips and a mouthful of colslaw and it cost 250,000VND! Sent message to their FB which they read but received no response!
30 Aug 2019 tại 17:30 Awesome food, it did take a while to deliver tho.
26 May 2019 tại 18:25 very good
11 Mar 2019 tại 22:06 Quality was great but not impressed with the portions. 65% rice and 35% chili and cheese. The main is the chili, not the rice so portion size should reflect that. The rice and chili should also be delivered in separate containers, not together as I had!